Public presentation of Trisquel GNU/Linux

Trisquel GNU/Linux was formally presented to the public, and we had the incredible privilege of having as a guest in the event the founder of the free software movement, Richard M. Stallman, who took advantage of his stay in Ourense (on the occasion of giving a lecture for the Faculty of Science) to attend as a special guest the public launch of this project.

Saint IGNUcius, of the Church of Emacs

Professor Stallman spoke of the great importance of such a project, citing several reasons: "a more transparent economy, now that schools need not spend the little money they have on proprietary software. The second question would be for education, "educating the next generation so that they are free citizens of a society that cooperates to form adults not accustomed to losing their freedom, without relying on powerful companies, and helping to improve computer education, as students may want to know how everything works, and with proprietary software have no right to access the source code."
But the reason Richard Stallman considered most important was the "moral education" of learning to help others by sharing programs.
Source: DUVI (translated)

He put on a robe and a hallowed halo to preach about free software. His first commandment is to reject the use of proprietary software. Before the talk part in the division between students of a tool for teachers and students. Trisquel GNU/Linux is an operating system and an application for entering free-form members of the university community. Fuente: La Voz de Galicia (translated)

O equipo con RMS
The developers with Richard M. Stallman
From left to right: Ruben Rodriguez, Richard Stallman, Eugenio Martinez and Mark Vilas